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Why Use HTML5 Instead of Flash?

SITE123 is part of a growing global trend moving toward HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language 5), a website coding language that can handle the new demands of the modern internet.

Everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to video embedding is easier, faster, and more accurate with this newest version of HTML. That's why so many websites are replacing their old Adobe Flash features with user-friendly HTML5. But why is it so much better?


Why Use HTML5 Instead of Flash?

Universal compatibility

If you use Flash to share content with your readers, not only do you have to download the proper software to create your content; you also have to bet on the fact that your reader will have the software too. Some mobile devices are actually incapable of handling Flash software, but HTML5 is now the standard, so most browsers and devices already support it. With HTML5, everything from graphics to videos to plain text can be created and viewed in the same exact place. Never expect your readers to revisit your website from a personal computer later, or to interrupt their browsing in order to download a new program. In this era of fast-growing technology and shrinking attention spans, you definitely don't want to alienate mobile users or interrupt readers. Reader retention is crucial, so make your first impression a good one.
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Search engine visibility

Flash is primarily used to integrate video and audio features into websites, but it can also take up the entirety of a website's content, including text and navigation buttons. This is problematic if you rely on search engines for traffic, or if you want readers to be able to copy and paste your contact information elsewhere. That's because the entire website operates as an image, and search engines cannot detect the text within it. HTML5 text, on the other hand, functions exactly the same way as plain text and can be copied, which means search engines can crawl your website for key words.

Faster than Flash

"Flash" is a bit of a misnomer, because HTML5 is actually much, much faster. In fact, some estimates suggest that it runs up to 58 percent faster than Flash apps, no matter which operating system is used to access it. That's because it doesn't consume as much power as Adobe applications, and it also involves less complicated coding to translate your design commands into a viewable website format.

Videos can be more interactive

Flash videos look downright dated compared to the streamlined, modernized aesthetics of HTML5. You can incorporate text, images, and even interactive buttons into multimedia content that otherwise would have a very stagnant and limited appeal. Tap into your creative possibilities, and distinguish your website from others in the internet crowd. Create an inspiring, creative, and interactive project that will make your readers feel like they're participating in the experience of your website or your business. This is a fantastic way to connect with your potential audience and make customers feel welcome and important. If you're in an artistic profession, it's also a very easy way to convince your audience that you have what it takes to create unique, eye-catching, and unexpected works of art.


Good luck with your web designing! Don't forget to research ways to maximize your HTML5 use.
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