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What Is Email Marketing and Why Do I Need to Use It?

Learn about email marketing and how you can advertise your business online

There is no shortage of people telling you that you need Email marketing to succeed in today's business environment, but what exactly is Email marketing and why is it so integral to the success of your business?


What Is Email Marketing and Why Do I Need to Use It?

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is any number of things. It is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. It seems simple but in fact is deeply complicated. Put as simply as possible, Email marketing utilizes electronic mail as a tool of mass communication to engage a sizable group of diverse people. When it is done thoughtlessly and clumsily, people call it Spam. You doubtless have many examples in your email inbox at this very moment. When it is done with deliberation and with respect for the recipients of the message it can be a powerful way to effectively deliver your message. Imagine for a moment that you were able to quickly and easily reach all of your target markets with personalized and custom-built advertising that costs little to nothing and provides sufficient value that your email recipients will be glad to see it in their new messages. What's more, imagine that they are so happy with what you sent initially that they will happily opt-in to receive additional messages from your organization. You don't have to imagine too hard, because it is happening every day for businesses worldwide. A typical Email marketing campaign begins with a simple welcome email thanking a new contact or subscriber. This initial message is the key because it gives the recipient the opportunity to learn more about you and opt in to the kind of messages that they are interested in. As the campaign proceeds, your organization uses the information garnered about their interests from surveys and data from their visits to linked content to enhance engagement with your brand through regular email communication. This may come in the form of announcements, newsletters and electronic coupons or even media content and social networking. Every Email that is sent must add value to the online experience of the recipient and incentivize their further interaction with your products or services.
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Why do I need Email Marketing?

Email Marketing may be the best option for marketing your business because: - It gives you a monumental return on investment, being low-cost to implement and producing significant increases in both traffic and sales - It is an interactive connection with your customers and allows you to learn about them as well as inform them about your brand - It has a much greater reach than any other method of marketing, allowing nearly instantaneous response to your offers - It provides measurable results for your analytic software, giving you crucial information that you need to evaluate your marketing strategy


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