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What Is a Good Website

What is a good website and how do you make it?

So, what is a good website? A very simple answer – something that delivers the level and type of response you want, and does so on a repeating basis. That’s what you are trying to achieve when you use our terrific range of templates and tools here at SITE123. Whether your need is to provide a wide range of information and then gain the relevant action, or to gain sales, and often it’s a combination of both of these.

Therefore your starting point is to create a series of clear and relevant goals and objectives both for your business and then, by extension, your website.


What Is a Good Website

Changing focus

To achieve these aims, one of the most valuable actions you can take is to stop. And then change focus because success will only really be achieved if you approach the task from a prospective customer’s point of view. Understanding what they want from your website (and business) allows you to match their needs to yours. In this way the synergy to really deliver through your website is created.
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How will they find you?

The answer is – through a variety of actions or events. These might include your own marketing activities, through media advertising, social websites, email campaigns and the like. Occasionally, people will arrive at your site completely by accident, and most times, these folk will have no interest. A third way is through actions by others – recommendations by friends, colleagues and family, through social media or elsewhere. Finally, you’ll have those making a welcome return after a previous and positive experience.

Your primary source of visitors

Which leaves, increasingly, the main way people will be driven to your business and that’s through searching. Therefore, an absolute pre-requisite for a good website is to deliver the SEO that allows as many viable searchers as possible to locate you. To achieve this, consider how they search rather than just what you provide. You might offer “professional plumbing services” people may be searching for “leaking pipes in Columbus”. Identifying their key search terms and then marrying these with the relevant services or products you provide bring people to you.

A good website for new arrivals

Like arriving in a new town, people need to understand their way around your website with the minimum off effort. It needs to be both friendly and professional, so that they feel welcome. The specific information they require should be right there without their having to try and locate it. This means that, where visitors are arriving on different landing pages, these should be specifically tied to their search terms. The language you use, offers you make, and advice you offer, should be expressed in their everyday language, rather than the technical words and phrases you probably often use within your business.

The final destination

Through all this, to be a good (let’s aim for great) website, it needs to move them to where you both want them to be – taking the specific action you both need them to take, and making it easy for them to do so.


Finally to one area we haven’t yet covered. It should look as good as possible – and reflect your business as it does so. Sadly, too often, this seems to be the primary concern of many folk when creating a business website. The terrific SITE123 free website builder templates help deliver this for you. However, if your website isn’t saying the right things, in the best way, to the largest possible number of people, and at the right time, then its look is irrelevant because nobody will be there to see it! The “good” is only really in the delivery.
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