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How to Create a Logo for Your Company

Logos are important for making your brand recognizable. Make sure to follow these tips to create the perfect logo.

You are using the terrific templates and tools here at SITE123 to create a stunning business website. As part of the process, you may well be designing a logo to both represent your company and make it identifiable. Here are some key points to consider as your creative juices flow.


How to Create a Logo for Your Company

What is a logo and what does it need to achieve?

A logo is a graphic device or a symbol that helps your business to be publicly recognized. Read the previous sentence again. It’s very important that your logo helps your business to be recognized, not that it simply be recognized in itself. If it only achieves the latter, it’s like ads you’ll see and enjoy on TV for themselves, but not then be able to remember who is actually advertising! On the other hand, very few people would ever see the “golden arches” without knowing who they represent. Your logo reflects and brands your company through the use of a combination of shape, form, font, color and perhaps images. Those reflections will be built up by people as they use your business and should include recognition and a positive reaction.
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What your logo needs to be

As well as being recognizable, your logo therefore also needs to be remembered. It should be lurking in the sub-conscious for that moment when an individual suddenly needs a product or service you offer. It should be understandable and describable, therefore simplicity is another key. A complex logo might simply confuse. Technically, it should also be scalable to work in different sizes and locations and also be effective in mono as well as full color. Finally, it should be relevant both to your business and to how you intend to conduct business.

How to Create a Logo Tips

You are now ready to start on your own creation, or you can use one of the logo creation packages that are widely available. Either way, here are some key points to consider. Firstly, select a quality font. Choose one that accurately represents your company – from the traditional to the businesslike, the modern or funky. Whichever you choose, make sure your name is instantly recognizable when it’s viewed in a series of locations such as your website stationery and business cards, banners, posters and the like. Tie any image, if you use one, to the name, because together they should tell a story. Never choose an image simply because it’s outstanding or clever, although this is fine as long as it is still relevant to your business and makes sense as a complete graphic presentation. Choose a color that stands out but also reflects your business – bright pink might be fine for a fashion boutique for young girls but probably not a long-established accountancy firm! Make sure your selection of colors also works together, as you would when decorating a room.


You might well create several options, or variations on a theme, even ask for the opinions or input of others. That’s fine – but when you decide, then that’s it. Your logo is there to stay, you simply can’t change it after a short period because you’ve changed your mind. Yes, tiny tweaks are okay, and many businesses do this. Your logo needs to build recognition through permanence and presence, so choose wisely and then stick with your choice.
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