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How To Choose the Right Website Colors?

Choosing the best colors for your website is vital to the tone and style. Paint with colors now!

When you are thinking about how to create a website that attracts visitors and keeps them coming back, how much thought do you give to the color palette of your website?

Believe it or not, the color you choose for your website can have as much of an impact as your content. The principles of using colors to attract visitors or customers go back much further than the internet and successful companies such as Walmart and Amazon still use them today.


How To Choose the Right Website Colors?

3 principles for choosing the right colors

1. Choose website colors that sync with the background you have chosen. It will be important to choose light fonts with dark backgrounds or dark fonts with light backgrounds to have enough contrast to make your text readable. 2. Keep your purpose in mind. The colors you chose will inspire emotion in your audience, and you will want to make sure that those emotions match the message that you are trying to convey and what action you want your viewers to take. 3. Use no more than three colors. If you go to successful websites and play count the colors, you will invariably find that the most successful ones always choose three colors in their website palette. These are usually most recognizable as colors found in their logo. Used correctly, colors can be a powerful branding tool and people will think of your brand even when seeing the colors you choose elsewhere.
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Did you know that?

- Red can generate energy, passion, and excitement or give a sense of power... but also implies anger, aggression, and danger - Blue is a color that implies spirituality, freedom, patience, and serenity; yet can also imply coldness, sadness, or depression - Yellow is generally a happy color full of brightness, optimism, happiness, and joy. It has very few negative connotations - Green is seen as a natural and positive color that implies abundance and prosperity, yet can also allude to poison or decay - Orange is a friendly and warm color that is among the most approachable of the spectrum. It is also the only color you can eat - Violet implies wisdom, age, and a measure of sophistication - Black and white are the absence of color and all colors at once respectively - Gray is often considered neutral and boring, yet implies maturity and security - Pink often is pigeonholed as a feminine color, but the more pale the pink the less noticeable it is


No matter what the purpose of your website is, the choice of color can clearly have a big impact on accomplishing what you want to with your site. While it may be fun to just play around with your color palette, always be aware that you color choices are sending a message. Be sure that message is exactly what you intend to send.
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