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5 Tips for Designing a Website to Showcase Your Art

Here are five tips for designing a website to showcase your art!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This certainly holds true when it comes to an artist's website. Whether you are an illustrator, painter, or photographer, keeping images front and center is key to a great website.


5 Tips for Designing a Website to Showcase Your Art

1.  Use a portfolio page

One of the easiest ways to showcase your art is with a portfolio page. Having an art or photography portfolio on your website gives visitors a way to see what you can actually do. Showing examples of past work can say much more about what you offer than anything you could write. Having this on your own website is better than directing them to an external site, such as Flickr, because you can ensure they have the ability to get in touch with you while they look at your work.
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2.  Include e-commerce

If you have prints available for sale, an e-commerce section of your website is essential. While you might have work featured in galleries or other online shops, including a place for customers to buy directly from the artist is a big part of increasing your exposure. After all, if they've looked through your portfolio, they'll want to have some of your work in their home or office! Make it easy for them by including a place to easily buy your art.

3.  Add a blog

Blogging isn't just for writers. They are an important part of any website design, whether it's a photography website or a local business. A blog is a way to share what you are working on, important news about shows and exhibitions, and more. You don't have to write lengthy posts every day, but having a weekly post with a few work in progress photos and a brief story of what you're doing can get people excited about your artwork. It can also encourage them to come back when the final product is available to buy.

4.  Choose the right look

All this great content also has to be presented in the right way. Know what market you are trying to reach with your website and choose a website design that suits that audience. If your work focuses on natural landscapes, you will want a different look to your site than you would if you were a street artist. You don't need to design this from scratch yourself, though, as you can find the perfect template for any style of site. This makes it easy to get the ideal website design to showcase your work.

5.  Keep it updated

One of the biggest mistakes artists make when it comes to their website is not updating it often enough. When you have a complicated web design, this can be difficult. However, using an easy drag and drop website designer, you can ensure that your website is always current. Along with a blog, this can encourage customers and collectors to keep coming back to your website. If they know it's the best place to see your most recent work, your website will be one they bookmark and keep coming back to.


If you need a website for your photography or art, get in touch to find out what we can offer.
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