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5 Reasons a Good Website Design Can Help You!

If you have your own business, or are thinking about setting one up, there is nothing more important than an expertly put-together website design.

The great news is that you no longer have to spend a fortune to obtain a professional looking website. SITE123 is a Content Management System (CMS) powered by the latest technologies in website building. With 10 years experience in the industry, we provide the leading software tools that make building a website simple, allowing you a professional finish and complete creative control.

A well thought out website will make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for, be simple and effective to navigate, and have clearly displayed information about the product or service on offer. Thanks to technological advancement, websites have replaced receptions as the first place you can make a first impression with your company – so it’s important to get it right. Here are 5 reasons why a good website design can help your company:


5 Reasons a Good Website Design Can Help You!

1.  Establish yourself as a brand

A great website will help your company to establish itself as a brand. A professional looking website is a fantastic way to emphasize brand messaging, colors and logos, so you stand out as an industry leader in your field.
你需要一個網站嗎? 想建立一個網站,但不知道從哪裡開始?我們的網站構建器是完美的解決方案。易於使用,並且能夠根據您的業務需求進行自定義,您可以立即擁有一個專業的網站。 創建網站

2.  Increase the way you communicate with customers

If you’re looking to build your own company website, SITE123's blogging platform enables you to post blog entries. This not only strengthens your company as a brand and highlights you as experts within your field, but it also gives you a more personable way to communicate with your potential clients. Blogging is a fantastic way to give your company a unique ‘voice’ that potential customers can relate to. Uploading relevant, frequent and interesting blogs is a great way to form loyal customers and long-lasting relationships and increase your search engine optimization.

3.  Enhance your income potential

SITE123’s easy-to-use software allows you to add Paypal as a payment option for your customers. Paypal is a safe, globally recognized payment platform and will make your company look reputable and professional. Adding it with our simple software couldn’t be easier – just add Paypal buttons to your site and start increasing your profit margins!

4.  Become a multi-platform company

SITE123’s free website builder uses leading, developed technology that automatically adjusts your website to become smartphone and tablet friendly. This means that customers will be able to clearly see what you’re offering when on the move, without awkward sizing problems. Not only this, but your customers can get further involved by downloading a smartphone app that syncs with your easily-built free website. Keeping up with the latest technology and social media platforms instantly outs you as a trusted expert within your industry.

5.  Show more of what you're about

Making your own website is a great way to show off everything that your company is about. A fantastic way to do this is by using SITE123’s advanced image gallery software. With this, you can upload as much imagery to your site as you’d like, keeping it looking professional and expertly laid out. Galleries are a great way to showcase your products as well as people enjoying your product or service. Make sure that you caption your pictures clearly so that your customers know what they’re looking at.
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