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What Is PayPal and How Do I Use It?

Paypal is one of the largest payment processing businesses online. SITE123 can help you learn about it and use it for your website today.

If you accept online payment for goods or services through your website, you should know about PayPal already. But if you're just starting out and you don't know whether to activate PayPal option, don't stay in the dark. There's a reason so many businesses depend on this website.


What Is PayPal and How Do I Use It?

1.  What is PayPal?

Quite simply, PayPal is a payment-processing business that handles online transactions and transfers. It offers a convenient, third-party way to accept digital payments without handling sensitive financial information yourself. Instead of worrying about encryption or hoping that customers will always trust the legitimacy of your online marketplace, you can depend on the reliability and credentials of this universally recognizable point-of-sale service.
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2.  How do I add PayPal to my SITE123 website?

Before you can begin accepting payments online, you must verify your information with PayPal and upgrade your account. Don't worry; this is completely free, and PayPal only charges minimal transaction fees for businesses. You can absorb the costs by incorporating fees into your prices, or you can opt for a premium account that belongs only to the business owner. If you're a private contractor or freelancer, this is the best option. However, if you need to address payments to the business itself for tax or other purposes, make sure you read up on the terms and conditions of each account type.

3.  How does PayPal affect my business?

In addition to securely connecting your bank account with your customers' payments, PayPal increases the likelihood that people will make a payment at all. In fact, a year-long Nielsen study discovered that PayPal integration increased customer counts by an average of 27 percent and that customers spent twice as much money on websites that let PayPal handle the checkout. This business boom probably has a lot to do with the website's widespread visibility, as well as its flexibility in accepting multiple forms of payment. For example, users can charge the amount to their credit card, remove it directly from their bank account, or even use digital currency to reimburse you. In return, you can immediately access this money and transfer it into your own bank account. PayPal provides legal protection for both you and your customers, ensuring that the whole exchange happens on very specific, secure, and well-documented terms.

4.  Which businesses benefit the most from PayPal?

If you have an online retail business that ships products to domestic international customers, PayPal is a wise payment choice because it increases the likelihood and success rate of online transactions. However, online PayPal integration can help you do business in the real world too. For example, you can sell products on-the-go with PayPal's mobile app and a credit card reader, which makes it easy for artists to work from various galleries and shows. If you just have a personal blog but want to give readers a way to support your unsponsored efforts or contribute to a good cause, you can integrate optional PayPal donations.


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