Case Study: Creating a Website for a Management Consulting Firm
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Case Study: Creating a Website for a Management Consulting Firm


Case Study: Creating a Website for a Management Consulting Firm

Project Overview

BIZ Guidance needed a great looking and customer friendly website for their management consulting firm. Using our free website builder, they were able to create a site that ticked all the boxes. Their website features nine pages, clear navigation, and social media plugins. The landing page highlights their services while the other pages offer more detail about what they provide and make it easy for potential and existing clients to get in touch with them. The overall result is a website that is professional, modern, and easy to manage.
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The main challenge for BIZ Guidance was having a website that reflected their professionalism. They needed a website builder that could offer them customizable templates that suit the management consulting field. At the same time, they wanted a site that they would be able to update as they expand and adapt to their customers' needs. With three parts of their consulting business, they needed to offer clear explanations of each service to the correct audience without having pages overly cluttered or full of text. They quickly found that SITE123 was the only website building platform that would allow them to do everything they needed and stay within their budget. Other website builders were not appropriate for their industry, while others were too technical and complicated. SITE123 offered the best of both worlds, giving them the style and function they needed for their website.


SITE123's website builder offered biz-guidance plenty of ready-made modules to choose from. This allowed them to find one that matched the professional look and feel of their consulting business. With the different styles they could quickly and easily create a website that was both functional and attractive. With the multi-page option, they were able to create specific pages and URL’s. This allowed them to have a unique page for their Services, offering direct navigation to Organizational, Marketing, and Financial Consulting pages. They were also able to have an interactive form, allowing potential clients to contact them and provide some information about their consulting needs. By using SITE123's website builder, they were able to do this without any coding knowledge.


By using SITE123, biz-guidance were able to create a website that matches their business and can grow with them. By building it with HTML5, it is also at the cutting edge of web design and can be easily viewed on any device. This is important for a company targeting busy, on-the-go professionals. When creating a website for a management consulting firm, you must have a clear message and great design. What you don't need to have is technical knowledge and the ability to write code. With SITE123's free website builder, your firm can have the website you want and need.


The Process of creating Biz Guidance - Management Consulting Firm website.
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