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5 Website Tips You Should Check For Your Current Website

Want to use website tips to improve your website? We got some excellent advice.

Even the best website has room for improvement, but many sites have a few issues. While you might not regularly ask your customers or even people you know what they think about your website, it can be a good way to see what you can be doing better. A better website can mean more customers, and more return visits by existing customers, so check out the website tips below. If you're worried about asking friends, family, and customers what they think, take a look at our list of the five things people will probably say they hate about your current website.


5 Website Tips You Should Check For Your Current Website

1.  How it looks on mobile browsers

A growing proportion of internet users are doing all or most of their browsing on phones and tablets. It's no longer enough to simply make a website look fantastic on large screen computers. You also need to ensure that it'll look great on a smaller device. This means no tiny buttons for navigation, huge images that won't resize, and no Flash. Flash has been a great way to make your site look great. Unfortunately, some of the most popular phones and tablets don't support it. This means that if your site is built entirely in Flash, these users won't be able to see what you have to offer, no matter how it looks.
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2.  The navigation (or lack thereof)

Website users like to be able to get around. Having a clear navigation structure makes this possible. Remember that whatever page a visit starts on, you want them to explore the rest of your site. This means having navigation on every page. While it doesn't need to be a bar across the top of the page, it should be available somewhere. Another key part of any navigation is a page with contact details. Don't just rely on a contact form, as many users won't want to contact you in this way. Instead, have a page that includes your address, phone number, and email address. A contact form can be added alongside this, but should never take its place entirely.

3.  The loading time and auto start media

Whether they're using a phone, tablet, or computer, people want websites to load quickly. If it doesn't, they'll move on to a different one. One of the big offenders for slow load times is multimedia that automatically starts. This is a double sin for any website, as it makes the page sluggish and can be an unwelcome surprise to have your video start blasting out of the speakers.

4.  SEO focused copy and stock photography

SEO is important, and so are images. However, your website should always be made for people first and search engines second. This means making sure that any copy you have on your website reads well and is easy to understand. Keywords can be included, but shouldn't be your main focus. Similarly, your images should be real photos of what you actually do, not stock photos that users have seen on hundreds of other websites. It's better to have fewer images that are unique than lots of stock photos.

5.  Out of date content

This is a quick way to turn anyone off your page. Don't just create a site and run. A simple addition like a blog can make a big impact, and give you a way to regularly update your content. This will help with your search engine rankings and make customers more interested in your site.


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