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5 Website Design Tips To Improve Your Website

Want to improve your website as much as possible? Make sure to check out on our top tip to improve your website design!

It’s terrific that it takes only a few minutes to create a professional business website here at SITE123. With a superb range of templates to choose from the process is simple. Of course, as you work through it, you do want to make sure that your final creation is going to say what you want and present your business as you wish the world to see it. Here are five key tips to help you achieve this:


5 Website Design Tips To Improve Your Website

1.  Take a step back when designing your site

There is a danger that you create your site from an insider’s point of view. Doing so often means you miss out on some key points simply because you already know all there is to know about your business. Imagine it’s your first visit and create a website that a stranger would find attractive, engaging, useful, informative and easy to access.
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2.  Speak in their language

Following on from the previous point, you and your team will be in the habit of using a language that is particular to your business. This includes jargon terms whose meanings are plain to you but a mystery to outsiders. It can also include a sort of shorthand – abbreviations you have fallen into using through time and experience. Where you do have to use any such terms, offer a quick explanation for the uninitiated.

3.  Talk to their outcomes

You naturally are keen to present, through your website, information about what you are great at. That’s fine, but only if it’s presented in a context of what the visitor to your business wants to know. Aim to answer a question that is always front-of-mind for anyone visiting your site: “What’s in it for me?” Help them to appreciate the relevance of your products or services, how you meet a need, offer a benefit, or solve a problem. Only then will they be ready to be told how you deliver. Also let them know at this point what makes you unique and how you are better than your competitors.

4.  Design easy-to-action pages

Whether you wish them to call, click through to your online shop, or complete an application or contact form, let them see how easy it is to do so. The less effort you appear to ask for, the more likely are people to stay with you. At the same time, give key reasons for taking this next step without delay – through special limited time offers, the dangers of not taking action – whatever best works with your products or services.

5.  Present your business personality through your website design

Many websites are full of information, present valuable content, but are also incredibly dull. Not every website can be entertaining, but it can have a personality that reflects the business. This can be to-the-point and professional, fun or family friendly. Suppose a stranger viewed your website and then walked through your door. They shouldn’t find the real-life that different from the web-impression!


Now, go to it! As you create your website design, using our terrific software, apply these website design tips to produce a truly user-friendly, business-reflecting, results-gaining website.
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