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5 Ways to Attract More Blog Comments

Learn what are the best ways to receive more comments on your blog.

Many business folk know how to create a blog and do so because it’s now an expected part of any website. They appreciate it’s a way of delivering information and reaching and interesting potential customers while also retaining and reminding existing ones. So far, so good. However, what makes a blog stand out from so many others, and be a truly valuable tool, is in its interactivity. You need to engage your community so there are lots of blog comments. This highlights the importance of asking for, even demanding, comments from your readers.

Using SITE123’s superb blog tool, you can quickly create interesting and vibrant content. With this in place, you can then look to ways of building the level and usefulness of the comments received. Here are five ways to help you achieve this:


5 Ways to Attract More Blog Comments

1.  Demand contributions

If you don’t, then you’re simply providing information. Inviting people to comment on what is said, ask questions relating to it, ask them to provide like – or entirely opposite – examples from their own experience. In this way, they feel part of the content, rather than simply its recipient. Do be careful, though, your blog is aimed at building business for your company, adding visitors to your website. Beware of the controversial, or covering topics that might alienate certain groups of customers. You are not a shock-jock!
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2.  Respond to contributions

How often are you told on websites that your feedback is always appreciated? Yet, when you then provide it, is it actually acknowledged? Using people's responses in your own future postings is one way of showing that you are actually paying attention.

3.  Analyze contributions

Using the information provided through Site123 statistical analysis can help you to form future blog postings based on a clear understanding of your audience.

4.  Expand your contributions source

Shops on main street, or in prime retail locations, attract attention. The principle is no different when you are creating your blog entries. The more places they can be accessed and interacted with, the better the comments response will be. Therefore, apart from your own website, consider where else such postings can be made. Obviously, social media destinations, such as Facebook, and links to your blog on Twitter, are a given. With the latter, do think about how you post the link. Rather than simply announcing a topic, try asking an involving question: “How do you think the mid-terms will affect retail business? Comment on our blog here…”

5.  Add other posts for further contributions

You are not going to invite your key competitors to be a part of your blog. However, there are many other bloggers out there, and you can add a different voice or two by occasionally importing one of these. Think of this as being like a newspaper or magazine – it would be boring if these only had a single contributor! Your aim is to find those bloggers who can add to the interest of your blog without distracting from its main focus or prime purpose.


Five key areas to consider, each of which can help you build a thriving and vibrant web presence through the blogs you create and use. One final point – you need to be committed to blogging being an ongoing activity. Too many businesses start theirs with enthusiasm, this then wanes, and visitors find an out-of-date and unloved blog. This will hardly encourage them to do business with you!

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